Boîte pour microplaques

Product Description Box for Microtitre Plates

When working with microtitre or deep well plates, evaporation of culture liquid might occur in some cases and there is always a risk of contamination.

Placing microtitre – or deep well – plates in our box will reduce or even eliminate evaporation losses: The box alone will reduce evaporation in microtitre plates sufficiently, when cultivating in incubation shakers without humidification. The combination of box and Direct Steam Humidification eliminates evaporation altogether, even if the liquid volume is less than a drop (evaporation loss in 96 standard round well plates with 150 µL per well is less than 0.3% in 24h).

The box for microtitre plates can solve the issue of contamination in microtitre and deep well plates by providing a sterile environment. For cell-culture applications it is recommended to autoclave the box and use a disposable paper filter to cover the ventilation holes in the lid. For microbial applications autoclaving the box and using the filter is usually not required – the physical protection of the microtitre plates against direct contact with the airstream inside the incubation shaker is sufficient.

The box for microtitre plates can be employed in all our incubation shakers – with the number of boxes per shaker ranging from one (Ecotron, Minitron) to three (Multitron-family). One box can hold either 18 microtitre or 12 deep well plates. The gas transfer within the box is helped by so called quick load spacers. The box can be fixed on our «Sticky Stuff» adhesive matting (up to 150 rpm) or on a universal tray (up to 400 rpm).

Technical Details Box for Microtitre Plates

Technical informations

Capacity of the box Microtitre plates 6 microtitre plates per layer,
  3 layers of microtitre plates = 18 microtitre plates
  2 layers of deep well plates = 12 deep well plates
  Up to 3 boxes can be fitted into a Multitron 2 or Multitron Cell,
so the total capacity for one Multitron 2 or Multitron Cell
unit is 54 microtitre plates.

Cell culture in microtitre and deep well plates

Bacterial cultures in microtitre and deep well plates

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